Whether you’re ready to try lake swimming for your first triathlon or looking for an alternative to purchasing a wetsuit for the occasional race, renting a Blue Seventy Fusion is the perfect choice.

Finding the right wetsuit can be tricky. For the best success set aside at least 30 minutes to try on different suits and let our expert staff show you how to choose the best fitting wetsuit for your body type

The Fusion’s unique buoyancy profile offers thicker leg panels helping to elevate the legs. 1.5mm A-Flex arms and soft Yamamoto neoprene contribute to the flexibility of this suit.

The Fusion is designed to offer the best blend of flexibility, durability, and comfort offering a high value for any price conscious customer.

We offer a full range of Blueseventy Fusion wetsuits in sizes ranging from XXS – XL.


  • Day Rental: $40.00
  • Weekend Rental: $50.00
  • Week Rental: $80.00

For instructions on how to put on your wetsuit, refer to the video from Blueseventy.

Blueseventy Fusion