In 2003, SpeedTheory was founded in Calgary as a way to serve the growing sport of triathlon. The original tagline of SpeedTheory was “Triathlon Deconstructed”, a nod to the intention of serving triathletes.

SpeedTheory remained true to its Triathlon roots while eventually expanding to serve road cycling, cyclocross and other endurance cycling pursuits. SpeedTheory expanded to Vancouver in 2005 to serve triathletes and cyclists in the local area.

The concept of SpeedTheory is that speed is relative, and whether you’re an elite athlete or a total beginner we can provide the expertise, equipment and other essentials for you to enjoy the sport and improve your performance.


SpeedTheory now offers bike-fitting services, cycle training facilities and more. We’re experts in all aspects of endurance sport that can assist you and provide advise for your own endurance journey.